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The Mac and Cheese Festival (July 5 – 7)
A celebration of the gooey classic favourite.

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival (July 5 – 14)
A whirlwind of acts, from dances to mimes, hits the streets.

Dog City Festival (July 13)
A new event that brings together dogs — and tries to break the world record for the biggest dog yoga class ever.

Taste of Edmonton (July 18 – 28)
Western Canada’s largest food festival that lasts for nearly two weeks.

K-Days (July 19 – 28)
An extravaganza of rides, games, music, food and adventure that kids and adults alike will love.

Interstellar Rodeo (July 26 – 28)
A must-see music festival that’s unique in more than one way.

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Summer Solstice Music Festival (June 11 – 21)
The 12th music festival hosted by Edmonton Chamber Music Society.

Improvaganza (June 12 – 22)
An international improve and sketch comedy festival with ten days of laughter.

Freewill Shakespeare Festival (June 18 – July)
Different variations of Shakespeare’s productions, from the contemporary to professional.

International Jazz Festival (June 21 – June 3)
More than 50 concerts are orchestrated at different venues around the city.

Boodang Outdoor Music Festival (June 28 – 30)
A three-day festival of music, hosted outside where you can enjoy the warm weather.

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Keeping it "Real" Estate with Azra Bagga.


YouTube Video

This month Azra discusses the steps involved in Making an Offer on your Dream Home.

Price, Conditions, Deposits, Possession & Terms are the 5 major components to an offer.

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Behind the Camera: Brandon Mattice

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May Market with Mani Bagga & Azra Bagga

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Residential sales, new listings and year-to-date inventory have all experienced a month-over-month increase from April 2019. Total residential sales are up 17.64% from last month, and sales have also seen a year-over-year increase of 4.04% from May 2018. Sales of single-family homes have increased month over month by 16.37% and 2.64% year over year. Condo sales have increased by 15.69% since last month but have decreased by 0.42% since May of 2018. Duplex/rowhouse sales have increased by 16.22% month to month and 14.36% year over year. All residential listings have increased 7.22% from last month but have decreased by 12.17% from May of 2018.

“Month over month increases are typical at this time of year, when

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Mother's Day may be over but it's never too late to give something special to the special woman in your life. Check out these luxurious and trendy gift ideas for Moms.

Its always best to go with whatever that special woman likes.  These are just a few examples of what is out there.  

We feel the best gift you can gift is the gift of time. She will appreciate that far more than anything you can buy in a store. 

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Royal LePage released the below article.  Let us know your thoughts!

Down Payment - Mani Bagga

  • While Vancouver has higher home prices, first-time home buyers in Montreal are more worried about their down payment (58% vs. 60%)
  • First-time home buyers in Toronto had the highest anxiety that their down payment would not stretch enough to buy the home they wanted (68%)
  • Of first-time home buyers who lived with their parents before buying, almost one-fifth said that remaining at home delayed parents’ decision to downsize
  • Despite higher median home values, Toronto (59%) and Vancouver (54%) respondents are most likely to prefer proximity to work over square footage than new home buyers in other regions studied

TORONTO, May 9, 2019 – A survey[1] released by Genworth

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Interest in electric cars is growing as prices at the pump surge and Canadian society in general turns away from fossil fuels.

In British Columbia, for example, the government recently announced a new law requiring that all cars and trucks sold in the province be zero emission by 2040. In addition, the federal government is offering buyer’s incentives for newly purchased or leased electric vehicles on or after May 1, 2019. Click this link to find the list of eligible vehicles.

This may seem all fine and dandy — who doesn’t like the idea of no longer paying high gas prices to commute? — but a lot of questions still remain about the infrastructure surrounding electric vehicles.

In particular, charging them is a concern.

It can take anywhere

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Keeping it "Real" Estate with Azra Bagga. Azra is back to inform you the next step in the Buying Process: Refining your Search & Starting the search!

Azra Bagga - Step 3


View the full video at:

Tell your Agent all wishes, wants & needs for your house hunt. The more honest you are, the better chance the Agent has of booking the homes that would fit you!

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Behind the Camera: Brandon Mattice

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