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Meet Brianna - Listing Coordinator for Bagga & Associates!

Brianna, Mani & Azra

What Current Home Trends are you digging?
~~I have always leaned more towards a clean, classic, with a touch of flair. Styles changes, trends change. But starting with a clean base, and utilize other touches to showcase your style or personality, it makes changing with the times that much simpler.

What was your Song of Summer this year? 
~~How do I pick just one?! Music, is life. No matter how you're feeling, what you're experiencing, there is a song to go with it! It is not uncommon to see me singing along while driving in my car, even if I get funny looks from people while doing it.

Your Favourite Season Is... 
~~Fall! So you can imagine how much it saddens me to not be seeing much

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Bagga Team

Welcome to Bagga & Associates “Feature Friday”!

When did company start and who are the founders:

“Our team started in 2004 and my wife Azra and I started this team together.”

Who are the members of your team:

“Myself, Mani Bagga and I work with Sellers *Azra Bagga - Buyers Agent *Susan Devenish - Buyers Agent *Brianna Hammington - Listing Coordinator *Ashley Campbell - Client Care Coordinator *Sara Reesor - Closing Specialist & Office Manager *Shivani Bagga - Financial Assistant"

 What inspired you to start this company?

“I worked as a solo Agent for about the first 4 years of my career, I felt that I needed to create a team that could give the best service to my clients.  I moved into more of the listing side and Azra started

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Parkinson SuperWalk (Sep. 8)
A nation-wide fundraiser in support of Canadians living with Parkinson's.

Johnson MS Mountain Bike (Sep. 8 – 9)
An adrenaline-packed weekend with hundreds of bikers showing up for a 90 kilometre mountain-view ride.

Public Art Picnic (Sep. 9)
Enjoy some of Edmonton's public art at a picnic that welcomes all ages.

Kaleido Family Arts Festival (Sep. 14 – 16)
A fun, free event of creative exploration and street performances.

Edmonton Expo (Sep. 21 – 23)
A three-day pop-culture convention for comic fans.

Tibetan Bazaar (Sep. 22 – 23)
A celebration of the Tibetan culture, unique in Alberta, which includes a Himalayan market with food and gifts.

Edmonton International Film Festival (Sep. 27 – Oct. 6)
A buffet of films

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You are probably feeling excited and overwhelmed as you go through the steps in purchasing a new home especially if you are a first-time buyer. Going to an open house and checking out your potential home is an essential step. Don't worry, we have provided a list of potential home pitfalls that you should watch out for.

1. The roof
This can be a major source of headaches if there are leaks and costly if there are repairs needed. A newer roof can even mean a lower homeowners insurance rate.

2. Plumbing
Don’t forget to check what’s happening underneath your future house. Check the pipes for leaks, damage and mold for both the sake of your health and your wallet.

3. Basement walls
Along that same note, when you’re looking down below, check out the

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Dinosaurs Unearthed: Down to the Bone (August 8 – November 4)
Visit this featured exhibit at TELUS World of Science where you can find life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, full-scale skeletons, and many more.

Animethon 25 (August 10 – 12)
Featuring musical talents and cosplayers from Japan as well as an interactive panel.

Sri Lankan Folk Dance Workshop (August 17)
Learn the different forms of Sri Lankan dance with Anjalee Wijewardan, who has been dancing nearly as long as she’s been walking.

Edmonton Career Fair and Training Expo (August 21)
Perfect for those actively looking for employment or who simply want to network.

Edmonton Metaphysical Market (August 25 – 26)
Free admission for psychic readers, unique vendors, special healers, speakers and a tour

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Have the chance to really relax and soak in the summer rays during this lovely season. Check out these coolest and stylish camping tents you can find out there, either for yourself or for family.

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Who doesn’t dream of a home-away-from-home vacation property on a picturesque lakeside somewhere?

A recent survey shows that sales of recreational property are on the rise across country and the prices are expected to appreciate by nearly six per cent this year, particularly in Alberta and British Columbia. Alberta is leading the way on recreational property purchases, reaching prices of $535,885 on average.

Retirees and baby-boomers are the ones driving up vacation property purchases, flocking to lakes and streams, the seaside and mountaintops, with an eye towards retirement or a secondary home to raise children.

However, a spike down in the recreational property purchases was reported due to the newly introduced speculation taxes in British

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