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January 2018

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After a busy month of holiday planning and party-going, what better way to bring in the New Year that to relax with a spa treatment. No need to look far, everything you need for top notch pampering is right at home.

With just a few steps, you’ll have real relaxation at your fingertips with a home-based spa:

1. Creating an atmosphere
Part of the luxurious vibe of a spa is how it engages all five of your senses. Dim the lights (avoid harsh fluorescent lights) and light some scented candles. Play some low, soothing music without lyrics. Pour yourself a drink – wine, water with fresh cucumber or tea are all good choices.

2. Towels
Having the right towel – fluffy, soft and big – makes all the difference (and you can reuse it or keep it as a guest

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Swing n’ Skate (Jan. 7 – Feb. 25) - Skate around to the sounds of jazz and swing music. Skates are free on a first come, first served basis.

Onegin (Jan. 17 - 28) - Music performance from the renowned fiddler. 

Ice on Whyte (Jan. 25 – Feb. 4) - Annual festival on the boardwalk, packed with the best outdoor winter activities like ice carving.

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