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July 2019

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Edmonton's North Saskatchewan River Valley is the largest stretch of urban Park land in North America?

Edmonton’s River Valley is a ribbon of green forests and parks meandering along the mighty North Saskatchewan River as it slices through the city – it’s 30 miles long, making it the longest continuous park in North America! Both sides of the river host natural and urban parks, trails, golf courses, pools, lakes and activities, making it a huge draw for anything from walking a dog to competing in triathlons. 

North Sask River - Mani Bagga

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Mani Bagga & Azra Bagga - Weekend

Cheers to all the FAMILY & FRIENDS who make EVERY DAY AMAZING... Its a Blessing to enjoy time on the weekends relaxing and spending time with loved ones.  How do you celebrate your down time?

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The warm summer weather and sunshine should be enough to entice most kids out of the house but sometimes, staring at screens for hours at a time can be all too tempting.

The easiest way to get kids active and moving around outside is to simply make it fun. So the next time they complain about being bored, suggest some of these activities instead.

1. Run a lemonade stand
This is a classic summer pastime for children of all ages. Let the kids figure out pricing, marketing and sales — not only will selling lemonade (and whatever snacks on the side, like cookies or brownies) earn them some spending money this summer, it’ll also teach valuable lessons.

2. Make a giant board game with chalk
Whether it’s hopscotch or Twister, pull out the chalk

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Sunny days and warm temperatures are a welcomed sign of summer coming. But it’s not too long before things start to get hot in the house— maybe too hot.

Putting a large AC unit in every room of the house or installing a swimming pool in the backyard might seem like great ways to keep cool, they’re also hugely expensive.

Here are some tips to cool things down without breaking the bank.

1. Grow some houseplants
Some plants, like cacti and bromeliads, take in water from the air and so can help reduce humidity in your home. That keeps everything cooler.

2. Buy a dehumidifier
If the plants aren’t cutting it, buy a dehumidifier to do the same job of removing moisture from the air and making you feel cooler even at hot temperatures.

3. Close

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