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March 2022

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NUMBER 1 Seller's questions right now is How 2 Price Right for Today's CRAZY Market!

1 - Availability

2 - Area

3 - Based off Sold

Tune in as Dil asks Mani the TOP 3 things you need to consider when it comes to pricing your property correctly for the current market.

 Let's all check it out! 


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How to Manage Twenty Showings Daily? 

So many showings!!! Yes, this is a good thing. But how to manage all this extra attention. Today's Tips for Home Sellers Mani and Brianna give some "showing hacks" to managing multiple showings in a day!

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Making your dream come true doesn’t need to wait until you’re in your thirties or forties. Even though it’s common for people to wait a while until they have enough security in their career or family, this doesn’t need to be the case for you. Like with anything else in life, there's no right or wrong age to buy a home of your own; you can buy a home as early as in your 20s and clear that task out of your way. You just need to know-how. This guide will help you decide if this is the right time to purchase a home – let's see what you need to know about buying a house in your 20s. 




Reasons to go for it: 

Even though some think it's early, there are quite a few benefits of owning a home in your 20's.

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Edmonton, March 2, 2022: Total residential unit sales in the Greater Edmonton Area (GEA) real estate market for February 2022 increased 69.3% compared to January 2022 and increased 41.7% from February 2021.


New residential listings increased both 13.7% year-over-year and 39.6% month-over-month from January 2022. However, in February, single-family home unit sales are up 35.6% from February 2021 and up 71.9% from January 2022 at 1,394. Condo unit sales increased 55.2% from February 2021 and were up 62.9% from January 2022. Duplex/rowhouse unit sales were up 55.9% year-over-year and increased 87.7% month-over-month.


Single-family homes averaged $493,543, a 12.7% year-over-year increase and a month-over-month increase of 10.8%.

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Storm season is on its way. And while flooding and other storm disasters have given many of us a wake-up call, others are still unprepared for what awaits them as storms become more and more severe, such as the global trend. 

If you think your home could utilize some storm-preparedness, the following article will walk you through the steps to take to ensure your and your loved ones’ safety is protected, as well as trying to save the house you live in, should the worst happen.


Clean gutters, downspouts, and drains:

One of the fastest ways for flooding to occur is for a blockage to be where water would normally drain. The best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to clean your gutters,

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