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June 2022

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The time has come to sell your home and move to another place. However, there are a few things you must do before you let potential buyers come and take a look. Decluttering your home before your open house is one of the first tasks on your list. The goal is to make your home spacious and clean and thus increase the chance of selling it. So take a look at this article for top tips on how to declutter your house the right way. 


Why is decluttering before potential buyers arrive important?

Decluttering is one of the ways to increase the value of your home before you sell it. The reason is more than obvious—buyers are more interested in buying homes if there’s not much visual clutter distracting them. 


Your relocation goes faster and

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As our team continues to grow, we are excited to introduce you to the next member of The Bagga Team. Allow me to introduce you to Abhinandan Mahajan.


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Renting Vs Buying- Mani Bagga

Owning a home is one of the best experiences one can have. But it is not always the best choice to buy a home. Nowadays, people understand the difference between buying and renting and are acting smartly according to their needs and preferences.

Buying and renting a house both have different perks and drawbacks to them. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages and tell whether buying a home or renting one is better.

Benefits Of Renting A Home -

1. Better Option For People With Frequent Transfers -

For the people whose job requires them to move into a different city frequently, renting a home is always the better option as they do not have to worry about finding a new permanent residence.

 2. Affordable Than Buying A Home -

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 For Sale By Owner- FSBO- Mani Bagga

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is the process through which a seller tries to sell his property without the involvement of a real estate agent or a broker. They often use third-party apps to list their property, but they do it all alone. It may seem like an easy task - Just list the property and ask for a price. But let me tell you one thing, it is not that easy at all! Selling a property all by yourselves is a tedious task. Take one step wrong, and all of it can go down the drain.

Here are 8 points that show why For Sale By Owner usually never works -

1. Lack Of Market Knowledge -

If you’re selling your home for the first time by yourself, you might not already be an expert. There are layers to selling a property, it is not just randomly listing

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Moving Tips into a New House- Mani BaggaMoving into a new home is nothing less than a full-body workout. It is only after finding your next perfect home that you realize how much stuff you have kept in the smallest of the crevices. Packing and Moving stuff is an art, and here’s how to master it - 

1. Keep Your Essentials Close And Your Valuables Closer -

You would not like to get rid of your gold or any other valuable material while moving. Keep it in the safest of the place you know, preferably away from everyone’s eyes.

2. Make A List Of Things To Do Before Moving -

This list might include getting groceries, booking a mover service if you have a lot of furniture, segregating the items that you want to keep and sell/donate, and pre-booking necessary services for the new place such

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Home Warranty in Canada- Mani Bagga

Unexpected breakdowns and repairs can be a slap to an already tight budget. We can opt for a home warranty to escape these sudden and unexpected expenses.

What Is A Home Warranty?

A Home Warranty is a contract issued to the homeowner by the home warranty company that ensures a discount on repairs or replacements. Notice that A Home Warranty and A Home Insurance are two different things. We can claim Home Insurance at the time of any mishappening that has damaged the building or the structure of our home whereas A Home Warranty helps us get our repairs and maintenance done at a discounted price.

Who Needs A Home Warranty?

When buying or renting a home, we get the option to buy a home warranty as it seems to be a good investment. But is this

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Tips to Keep your house Maintained- Mani Bagga

Maintaining our home to look as good as new can be a fuss. From the smallest pins to the biggest cupboards, anything can create a mess in an instance.

So here’s how you can maintain your home to look like it was just bought yesterday -

1. Cleanliness Is The Key -

Well, there’s nothing to say here. Cleanliness is just the key to a well-maintained home. It also gives positive vibes and makes you feel comfortable. Cleaning our home daily can be the best thing we can do to keep it well maintained.

2. Keep Up With The Home Inspection - 

Home Inspectors scan the home and give a thorough check on different areas. Home Inspection can be useful in determining the health of the home. If there are any leakages or repairs that need to be fixed,

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Do you like meeting new people as much as I do? in today's Bagga Team Spot Light I am very excited to introduce to you one of our great, new team

members Talvinder Bhandaal.


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 Buyers are asking how they will be affected by the government hiking interest rates once, twice, and possibly three times. Listen in as Sukh and Mani talk about this topic and what the

possible outcomes are. Please give us a Like/Share/Follow/Subscribe if you appreciated this video. It means a lot to me. Thanks.




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Property in Edmonton- Mani Bagga

Edmonton is one of the best residential areas in Canada to live in. If you're thinking about buying a property or investing in Edmonton but have doubts about the region, this blog will clear all of them!


Here’s why you should have zero second thoughts about buying real estate in Edmonton -

1. Not dependent on a single sector -

Edmonton hosts multiple sectors within itself. While most areas rely only on one or two major sectors for work, Edmonton has a variety of them. A downfall in one sector will not have a huge effect on the area’s overall economy. This makes the region safe for work.

2. Consistently Growing -

Edmonton has been growing constantly in many areas. While the demand for real estate has gone may fold, the prices remain

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