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8 Moving Tips into a New Home| Edmonton Real Estate Pro| Mani Bagga

Posted by Mani Bagga on Saturday, June 25th, 2022 at 2:01am.

Moving Tips into a New House- Mani BaggaMoving into a new home is nothing less than a full-body workout. It is only after finding your next perfect home that you realize how much stuff you have kept in the smallest of the crevices. Packing and Moving stuff is an art, and here’s how to master it - 

1. Keep Your Essentials Close And Your Valuables Closer -

You would not like to get rid of your gold or any other valuable material while moving. Keep it in the safest of the place you know, preferably away from everyone’s eyes.

2. Make A List Of Things To Do Before Moving -

This list might include getting groceries, booking a mover service if you have a lot of furniture, segregating the items that you want to keep and sell/donate, and pre-booking necessary services for the new place such as a plumber or electrician. 

3. Plan Everything In Advance -

Making last-moment decisions is never a wise thing to do. All the things mentioned above need to be done at least 4 weeks before moving. Last-minute prices are also high for many services, so pre-booking will save a lot of money and time as well.

4. Get Creative While Packing Stuff -

If you look around, you’ll find that most items can complement each other while packing or assembling the stuff. It can help you save some money. For Example - Instead of buying bubble wraps, you can keep your crockery and kitchen supplies inside clothes and other soft materials. It will pack both the items and will take less space as well.

5. Keep Your Essentials Handy -

The items that you use regularly - Chargers, Self-care items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, soaps, and other essentials should be kept handy. This will protect you from all the fuss after arriving at your new place.

6. Manage Your Stuff Smartly -

Let’s be honest, you cannot be lazy while packing and unpacking all your stuff. You need to act fast and smart. Some tricks that you can use while packing your stuff are -

  • Use a marker to give each box a number to keep a track of all the things you are about to move.

  • Use different colored tapes to identify the stuff of different rooms. For example - Red tapes for the living room, Orange tape for the bedroom, etc. 

  • Keep all the important moving documents or paperwork handy.

7. Have A Child/Pet? Consider A Sitter For Them -

Taking care of the stuff along with taking care of your child/pet could be seriously tiring. Consider hiring a sitter for a day or two or until you have made enough progress unpacking and you are sure that you can take care of your stuff and your child/pet.

8. Enjoy Your New Home!

And when everything is done, enjoy your new home! Cherish every moment and make some good memories with friends and family in your new place!



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