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8 Tips to Keep Your House Maintained Just as New| Edmonton Real Estate Pro| Mani Bagga

Posted by Mani Bagga on Monday, June 20th, 2022 at 3:09am.

Tips to Keep your house Maintained- Mani Bagga

Maintaining our home to look as good as new can be a fuss. From the smallest pins to the biggest cupboards, anything can create a mess in an instance.

So here’s how you can maintain your home to look like it was just bought yesterday -

1. Cleanliness Is The Key -

Well, there’s nothing to say here. Cleanliness is just the key to a well-maintained home. It also gives positive vibes and makes you feel comfortable. Cleaning our home daily can be the best thing we can do to keep it well maintained.

2. Keep Up With The Home Inspection - 

Home Inspectors scan the home and give a thorough check on different areas. Home Inspection can be useful in determining the health of the home. If there are any leakages or repairs that need to be fixed, they will also alert you before anything goes wrong.

3. Take Your Time With Repairs -

You should not rush through the repairs and get some poor results. Take your time and make sure that every last screw and bolt is fit to perfection to ensure maximum safety.

4. Look Out For That Water -

Water damage is the absolute worst thing that can happen to your home. In worse situations, it is often unrepairable or can cause you some thousands of dollars to repair. Running taps, showers, toilets, and sinks are some of the major reasons for water damage. Also, make sure to keep your drains and gutters clean and unclogged. You will have to be very careful and alert or else there will be water all over your dreams of a clean home!

5. Do Regular Pest Controls -

One problem that you don’t even see coming is pests. They multiply very fast and are very hard to find. To keep your home new and fresh, consider pest control at regular intervals.

6. Hire A Professional Housecleaner -

Too lazy to move around and clean your home? Get it done by someone else! Professional Housecleaners know how to clean a place in the best way possible and can be worth every penny that you spend.

7. Use A Vacuum Cleaner -

Vacuum Cleaners are great devices when it comes to cleaning the home, especially getting rid of the dust. Vacuuming regularly can greatly improve the air quality in your home and can also increase the lifespan of your flooring. 

8. Consider HVAC Unit Check-ups -

Hire a professional to check your HVAC unit regularly. Regular checks help in increasing the life expectancy of your HVAC unit and save you a lot of money in the long run. Also, look out for the air filters and change them regularly according to your usage.


Well, to be accurate, only you know what’s best for your home. We can only jot down some points and areas where you can work more or less. Keeping your home as good as new is surely a difficult task, but with the right guidance, anyone can pull it off.



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