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Interest in electric cars is growing as prices at the pump surge and Canadian society in general turns away from fossil fuels.

In British Columbia, for example, the government recently announced a new law requiring that all cars and trucks sold in the province be zero emission by 2040. In addition, the federal government is offering buyer’s incentives for newly purchased or leased electric vehicles on or after May 1, 2019. Click this link to find the list of eligible vehicles.

This may seem all fine and dandy — who doesn’t like the idea of no longer paying high gas prices to commute? — but a lot of questions still remain about the infrastructure surrounding electric vehicles.

In particular, charging them is a concern.

It can take anywhere

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Keeping it "Real" Estate with Azra Bagga. Azra is back to inform you the next step in the Buying Process: Refining your Search & Starting the search!

Azra Bagga - Step 3


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Tell your Agent all wishes, wants & needs for your house hunt. The more honest you are, the better chance the Agent has of booking the homes that would fit you!

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Behind the Camera: Brandon Mattice

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Well for yet another month, its a Buyer's Market!

What does that mean for our Sellers? Price your home right.  Attract Buyer's by staging the home, declutter your personal items so that the Buyer's can Imagine their belongings in the home. 

Prices are fairly stable to what they were last year, so thats a very good sign!

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Royal LePage Noralta held a Garage Sale in the parking today.  

They had a bake sale, BBQ & all kinds of finds.

All the proceeds from the event went to WIN Shelter for abused Women and children. 

Garage Sale, Azra - Mani Bagga

There was an AMAZING turn out! Thank you to everyone that Donated and came to check out & buy items.  We appreciate you! We raised more than $2,200.  Thank you!

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Welcome back to the Market Update with Mani & Azra Bagga.  We take a look at the Market Statistics for April.  Things look to be on the Raise. Inventory is high and houses are selling quicker than Last year. 

Watch the fill video at:

Edmonton Market Report April - Mani Bagga

Upward Movement for April Real Estate Numbers

Edmonton, May 2, 2019

When compared to March 2019, unit sales across most categories increased, with single family home unit sales increasing 43.68%, condo sales increasing 38.31% and duplex/rowhouse sales increasing 34.06%. Year over year sales are up in all major categories, with single family homes sales increasing 1.91%, condo sales increasing 2.77% and duplex/rowhouse sales

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Refinish Hardwood - Mani Bagga

Hardwood floors are a beautiful, durable luxury to have in any home. They’re easy to clean, look great, and last a while with regular maintenance.

There’s more good news, homeowners.

Did you know that you can refinish hardwood floors up to eight times before you may have to replace them? As long as the wood as thick enough (1/32 of an inch of wood), it’s able to be sanded and stained. Your hardwood floors should last, in total, up to twenty long years.

Are you ready to bring your floors back to life? When is it time to refinish your hardwood?

Keep reading for the most obvious signs.

Sign #1: Obvious Wear and Tear

Wear & Tear - Mani Bagga

We mentioned before that hardwood floors last about twenty years and can get refinished up to eight times.


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We are so very Thankful for each and every client that chooses The Bagga Team to Sell their property.  We treat our client’s Properties as if they are our own and work our very hardest to sell them. Thank you to another Happy Seller!

Just Sold - May 8 - Mani Bagga

Just Sold - May 8 - Mani Bagga


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