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Features That Make Your Bathroom More Appealing To Buyers

Posted by Mani Bagga on Friday, February 19th, 2021 at 3:35pm.

Features That Make Your Bathroom More Appealing To Buyers

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When you’re selling your house, you want to want to appeal to as many buyers as possible. That’s why you your bathroom design matters. For a large number of real estate shoppers, bathrooms play a leading role in home interest. So, ask yourself: Will your bathroom draw them in, or will it turn them away? If the answer is the latter, investing in a few updates now could pay off big by bringing in more offers and better offers. 

To help you figure out what’s worth updating in order to attract maximum interest in your home, here’s a look at features that have the biggest impact.

  1. Fix any damage. If you have cracked floor tiles, a broken light fixture or a constant drip in the sink faucet, buyers will notice. Any obvious damage creates a major red flag to those evaluating your home. In some cases, it will mean a lower offer; in others, it will drive buyers away altogether. As much as possible, fix issues before listing your home. The goal is to make the bathroom move-in-ready, inviting prospects to imagine themselves using it as their own. 

  2. Make a few small upgrades. Short of fully renovating your bathroom, you can still upgrade it with a few simple tweaks. Replace the mirror with one having a more stylish design. Update the vanity light fixture for a fresh, new look. Other options: replace cabinet hardware, change the towel bars/hooks and switch out the faucet for one with a more modern design.

  3. Get rid of carpet. The bathroom is one part of the home where carpet simply does not belong. The benefits of its soft surface pale in comparison to the drawback of how it easily hides mold and mildew. Because the vast majority of buyers will see carpeted bathroom floors as a major downside, upgrading to a hard, water-resistant surface is worthwhile.

  4. Add a tub. Bathrooms with showers and bathtubs appeal to buyers more than bathrooms with showers alone. Families with kids want a place to care for little ones. Buyers who like a little stress-relief enjoy knowing there’s a place to soak. If it’s possible to offer both a shower, and a tub to buyers, do it.

  5. Go neutral. Bold colors can definitely brighten up a room, but many buyers have a hard time seeing themselves in a room with loud and/or unusual hues. For max selling appeal, stick to white, beiges or other neutrals in your bathroom design.

  6. Declutter. One of the easiest (and cheapest!) ways to upgrade your bathroom is to clear out the junk. Take an afternoon to remove absolutely everything from the room, and then think carefully about what to return to the space. Minimize what you keep on counters and in cupboards. Only show off items that beautify the room. This is another way to make your bathroom feel move-in-ready — and also appear more spacious and luxurious.

  7. Provide storage. Prospective buyers will wonder where they’re going to keep their cosmetics, toiletries and bathroom paper products, so evaluate whether your bathroom offers them enough storage space. Pedestal sinks look beautiful, but perhaps a sink with cabinets underneath will appeal far more to practical-minded buyers.  Keep existing shelves, drawers and cabinets as empty as possible to make them seem larger and more spacious to prospects. 

Maximizing the appeal of your bathroom can be as simple as hanging new towels, or as complicated as doing a complete gut job. Usually, though, the answer lies somewhere in between, so when you are ready to upgrade, use the list above. Buyers will love what they see, and they’ll give you the best return on investment. To help you get your bathroom market-ready, they offer a great place to start!

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