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Guest Post: 5 Hazards In Every Backyard, And How To Handle Them

Posted by Mani Bagga on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 at 10:57am.

5 Hazards In Every Backyard, And How To Handle Them


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The backyard can become the heart of the home during the hotter months. It’s a little slice of the outdoors that belongs to you that you can enjoy at your own leisure. 

When summer rolls in, backyards are in full swing, from sipping a coffee first thing on the lounger to dinner parties that see the sun go down. 

If your outdoor space is in regular use, it’s important to be aware of the many potential hazards. Keeping an eye and knowing what to look out for can prevent accidents waiting to happen. Here are five potential hazards in every backyard and how to handle them.  



Get to know your plants and flowers 

Plants and flowers are the beauty of the great outdoors. One of the best things about being outside is that connection to nature – the smell of freshly cut grass, the striking colours of flowers in full bloom, and the distant sound of bees buzzing. 

Pretty plants and flowers attract us, but some of the most beautiful can be deadly. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the nature of your backyard and do your research before planting. Many plants are poisonous - and these are particularly dangerous to young children who can reach them. Children and pets should be kept well away from anything poisonous.  


Sharing your space with garden pests

A backyard is home to thousands of species, from harmless creatures to insects that spread disease. To keep yourself and your family safe from bites and stings, precautions can be taken. Natural bug repellents are the better choice for deterring mosquitos and other insects. They are usually sprayed, but some can be applied directly to exposed skin. 

You can also try to avoid wearing scents that might attract pests, and removing standing water where they may thrive. Remember, many are beneficial to the health of your garden; not every bug is a threat.  


Secure your outdoor space

A backyard is a private space, guarded off from the public. To ensure its security, you should make sure that there are no entry points available to intruders. 

Check back gates, garage doors, and gaps in fences or hedges where somebody might be able to climb through, or where your child or pet might get out and wander off. 

The privacy of backyards is a blessing, but some can keep potential intruders out of sight from passers by or neighborhood onlookers. Installing cameras, alarms and sensor lighting is a great way to up the security level of your backyard.   


Ensure all trees are safe

Trees are a wonderful addition to a backyard, providing shade, reducing the pollution of the air, and potentially cooling your home, too. They can add to the aesthetic, and create a great place to play - from hanging a swing set to building a full-blown tree-house among their branches. They can even add value to your property.

Unfortunately, though, some backyard trees can pose a danger, so it's important to be aware of the signs. Falling branches or whole trees coming down can cause severe, even life-threatening injuries.

The signs to watch out for include deep cracks in the trunk, dead branches and too much leaning, particularly when the tree previously stood upright.

Sometimes a perfectly healthy and otherwise ‘safe’ tree will need to be considered for removal if it is too close to any man-made structure. Firstly, even strong trees can fall over onto your house in large enough storm conditions. Secondly, a tree’s root system can grow into property foundations or service lines and cause significant damage.

If you are in any way concerned about any trees in your yard, you should consult with a professional tree-feller to be sure that they are all safe and pose no danger to your family or property.


Practice water safety  

Water is a real treat for days spent in the hot sun, whether it’s a paddling pool to soak your feet, or a spacious swimming pool. Water can be, however, a great danger to children.  

If there is water in your backyard, children should be supervised at all times. Just a few centimetres of water can cause drowning in young children.  

There are many options available to protect against the dangers of water and keep your pool area safe. Pool fences, covers and alarms are all precautionary measures that can save lives.  


Take special care with fire 

Who doesn’t love cozying up to a fire on a late summer evening? Many people enjoy a fire pit in their backyard, but there are rules and regulations to be considered before installing one. A fire should be kept well away from any structure, and away from any people. 

It’s common to see the grill fired up for outdoor social events, but the hazards are often misjudged. Family members and guests should keep their distance from the grill to avoid accidental injuries and burns.  

The backyard is a haven for relaxation, dining, drinking and gatherings with friends. There is great fun to be had, and by considering health and safety outside, accidents can be prevented before it’s too late.



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