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Guest Post: How to Arrange Furniture In Your New Home

Posted by Mani Bagga on Friday, June 11th, 2021 at 10:30am.

How to Arrange Furniture in Your New Home

A beautiful open space living room, dining room, and kitchen combination

Although exciting, shopping for furniture is not the easiest thing to do. And we are talking about
buying new furniture you will put into your empty home. It's a clean slate, and you can let your
imagination and creativity run wild. Although you will purchase the pieces that suit your taste
and fit in your home, it can be tricky to arrange furniture in your new home.

Now, if this activity poses a few challenges, imagine what it's like when you buy a new house
and have to transfer your existing furnishing into the new space. It will take some time for you to
feel the new area and find ways to make it feel homey, functional, and comfortable. You will
likely feel the need to rearrange everything a few times before it looks and feels right. Moreover,
you will probably have to get rid of some items or purchase new ones. As you can see, it may not
all be smooth sailing. But we will help with a few tips.


Try to create a plan in advance

It would be best to try and figure out possible furniture arrangements before you move in. It
would help if you got the floor plan, make a few copies and try out a few options to get the idea
of how it would look and work. Also, the floor plan will provide you with all the crucial

information regarding the measurements. Thus, you will know if some of your bigger furniture
pieces don't fit or work in your new space before you even start preparing them for the move. So,
you won't have to bother with the transfer of bulky pieces only to discard them later.
Additionally, it may reduce your moving costs as moving companies charge by the weight of the
load they have to relocate.


What to consider before you arrange furniture in your new home

  • Functionality – Firstly, decide what the purpose of each room will be. Also, account for

    the number of people who will be using them. That way, you will need what furniture

    you will need in them. 

  • Clear the area – If you want to arrange furniture in your new home the best way

    possible, you need to work in a clear space. This is why planning before you move in is

    vital. It will make the work much easier, and you will have a better view of the space. So,

    try to make sure all the cardboard boxes are not blocking your view and impairing your


A seating area near a big glass window

Begin by determining the focal point of your room.


  • Determine the focal point – Every room should have a focal point, and determining

    what it is will be your starting point. It is crucial because you will arrange everything else

    around it. It can be any striking feature of a room, such as a fireplace or a big window.

    Sometimes, you will have to create a focal point, and a TV can serve that purpose well.

    So, once you determine what the central piece is, furniture arrangement should

    complement this feature and enhance the entire structure of the room.

  • Prioritize large furniture pieces – Before you begin planning for the smaller details,

    you have to determine the best position for larger furniture in each room. Then, you can

    work around them.

  • Consider traffic flow – It's essential to arrange furniture so that foot traffic is not

    obstructed. It is imperative if a room has two doors. Therefore, plan for clear paths

    among the furniture.


Some tips to help you arrange furniture in your new home

Once you have dealt with all the technical aspects of your new space, you can proceed to
furniture arrangement. The hardest part is behind you. Now, you can apply some simple
principles that even professional interior designers use.


Keep the furniture away from the walls

How far away from the walls you will place your furniture will depend on the size of the room.
Even a little bit of space between the wall and your sofa will make a world of difference. Just a
few inches can make the room appear bigger, and you will also avoid damage to walls. And if
you are so lucky to have more space to work with, push the conversation areas toward the center
of the room and have several feet between the walls and the furniture.


An elegant living room

Arrange furniture so it’s away from the walls and if you have rugs, make sure at least the front legs of your seating arrangement are on the rug.

Speaking of conversation areas

People in a room should have to be able to converse without straining themselves. So, sofas and
armchairs should face each other. They don't have to be opposite one another, you can arrange
them at an angle, but they should be close enough, so people don't have to shout. You can even
create multiple conversation areas if you have an exceptionally spacious room.

The size of rugs matters

If you want to have area rugs, they should be under all of your furniture. Of course, you don't
have to cover your entire floor, wall to wall. You can leave the flooring around the room edges
exposed. But if at all possible, make sure at least the front legs of your bigger pieces are on the

Have a big coffee table and place it at arm's length

The bigger the coffee table, the better, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It will
provide enough space for your guests to put down their drinks, and you will have an opportunity
to display your fancy accessories. It will be like an anchor for the room. A big enough table will
make it easier for people sitting around to reach it. Alternatively, you can even have two coffee
tables or a side table as an alternative. Just make sure you leave enough space between the table
and the seating for people to pass through.

Just like you want people to be able to walk between the table and the sofa, you also want them
to reach the table easily. They shouldn't have to stand up to get their glass. As for the height, an
ideal side table should be as high as the arms on a nearby chair or lower. The coffee table should
be the same height or lower than the sofa or chair seats.


A nice living room with a beautiful coffee table

The right coffee table can transform your room.

Final words

Moving into a new home is a chance to start afresh, which is one of the best aspects of
relocating. So, the important thing is not to stress out when you arrange furniture in your new
home. Ultimately, what you want to achieve is a functional space that suits your unique needs.
And with a few helpful tips, you will do it effortlessly. 

If you are relocating and are worried about how you will arrange furniture in your new
home, we have got some tips to get you started.


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Betty White

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