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Guest Post: How to Juggle Selling Your House and Moving For Work

Posted by Mani Bagga on Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 3:26pm.

How to juggle selling your house and moving for work


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You've got the job offer you've always wanted - congratulations! Exciting times are waiting ahead, for sure. You must be thrilled about the career opportunity and the chance to relocate somewhere else. However, keep in mind there are always some obstacles to jump over between accepting the offer and getting the keys to your new apartment in a brand-new city. Some of the things you will need to deal with are finding a real estate agent, staging, and selling your house. Then comes the relocation. It can be an overwhelming process of getting from one home to another in a short time. We hope our guide to selling your house and moving for work helps you along the way.

Your options for selling

Selling a house is a large-scale undertaking, especially if you are on a deadline. However, you have a couple of options: 

  1. Get your house ready to sell - Among the standard to-do's are: getting an inspection done, which will make you aware of the repairs needed to maximize the offer from the buyers; touch up the house inside and out to achieve a great first impression; take professional photos to highlight the best features; stage the place by decluttering it and repositioning the furniture or hire professional home stagers; decide on the price that will be appealing enough to help you sell it quickly.

  2. Rent your home out - Choosing this option allows you to move almost immediately instead of waiting for your home to sell. Another good thing is that you can enjoy tax benefits for the improvements you make around the house. Additionally, you can rent out for a higher price than your monthly mortgage, which leaves you with extra income.

  3. Sell your house for cash - If you don't have the need or the time for any of the above, then selling to a cash buyer might be the option for you. Be prepared to get less, but this will leave you with cash in your hands and ready to start your dream job.

Tips to navigate selling your house and moving for work

Let's take a look at the tips and tricks you should keep in mind when juggling between these two pretty essential and stressful periods in your life.

Job relocation packages

If you are moving for a new job position within the company you already work for or at a completely new one, now is the time to ask for job relocation packages. Even though companies have different options, you should expect coverage for travel costs, shipment of your belongings, temporary housing rentals, professional movers, or storage.

two hands doing a handshake

Talk to your company and see how they can assist you.


Hire professional real estate agents

An excellent real estate agent will not only help you sell your house for the best price but will be able to refer to the selling points and drawbacks of your home, so you know what to renovate or be realistic about the price you might get.

Decisions, decisions...

Most buyers don't want to buy a home that will take time and a lot of money to repair and renovate. Before putting your home up for sale, you will need to figure out the major issues that need to be addressed, such as leaky faucets, a broken doorbell, cracked tiles, or anything damaged. One principle to use when deciding if something needs fixing before the sale is to ask whether the item gives the illusion that the house hasn't been cared for.

freshly painted white kitchen cabintes

Work with what you've got to create an appealing house for sale.


Also, repairing your house might be a costly endeavor. Another tip is to think about making your home look presentable with what you already own. For example, you can paint the kitchen cabinets instead of buying new ones, or you can clean and polish your floors.

Another thing to remember when selling your house and moving for work is that sometimes the minor things make the most significant impact. For instance, if your bathroom needs a make-over, spruce it up with a new shower-head, change the hardware, and include fluffy, white towels. You can also steam clean your carpets or power wash your exterior.

Don't forget to stage the house. Your top priority should be decluttering, furniture positioning, and touching up the outside area. This way, potential buyers will be able to envision themselves in your home.

Smart packing tips for a fast and painless move

a moving truck and three professional movers carrying a large plant

Putting your trust in a reputable moving company means a faster and less stressful move.


Once you finish decluttering, cleaning and, staging, it's time to prepare yourself for the relocation. It would be best to purge before you pack and decide what to toss, donate or give to friends. Designate one room as a packing station where you will collect boxes in different sizes, markers, packing tapes, newspapers, and bubble wrap.

If you are on a tight schedule and have to be at your new job yesterday, hiring a professional moving company to get these things done for you is a good option. If you are in a rush, you risk breaking your belongings or injuring yourself. Professional movers can help you stay safe during the process and prevent moving day injuries, ensuring a less stressful experience.

Slow down

There's no need to rush and buy a new property immediately once you've sold your house and moved. Instead, take time to learn about your new location and market prices. For example, you can rent an apartment for the first couple of months before purchasing a new property.

a white mug on a wooden table sayng: Begin.

Take time to get accustomed to your new workplace and environment.


Final words

Moving can be stressful. Selling your home is too. Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. When deciding which option to choose when selling your house and moving for work, you should hire reputable real estate agents to educate and guide you through the process. Good luck!


Need to relocate because of a new job? Here's how to juggle selling your house and moving for work.


Guest Author:

Beatrice White

Assistant Editor Marketing

Moving Offices San Diego


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