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Guest Post: Smart Practices to Speed Up the Sale of Your Home

Posted by Mani Bagga on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 at 12:13pm.

Smart Practices to Speed Up the Sale of Your Home


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If you are in a hurry to sell your home yet haven’t done anything like it before, you might be stuck. There is just so much to plan for, after all! How to best approach potential buyers, pretty up your home, and even figure out prices. All of this can easily overwhelm someone who does not have enough experience. Do not worry, though! We are here to help with our guide on smart practices to speed up the sale of your home. With a little bit of help and guidance, we are sure you will figure things out. And have your house sold in absolutely no time at all!  



Hire a realtor immediately

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good realtor on your side from the very start, particularly if you are trying to juggle selling and moving. A real estate agent can do everything better, faster, more efficiently and help you make more money from your sale on top of that. The reality is that while you are floundering through the process, a realtor has been through it dozens or hundreds of times. They are bona fide professionals, with plenty of connections and contacts at that. A good realtor will have spent their entire career making friends with others in their circle. They will know the local housing market like the back of their hand.  


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Your realtor will provide a lot of support every step of the way!

Figure out what your acceptable price range is

Once you have secured the assistance of your preferred real estate agent, it is time to consider prices. They will advise you and give you estimates of how much your property is worth. And by that, we mean both the minimum and maximum predicted prices it might sell for. From there, you need to sit down and seriously consider what price you would be okay with. Push for too much, and the sale might take a long time to be finalized. Ask for too little, and you would be losing potentially large amounts of money. Figuring out a happy midpoint between the two is not easy and will, in many ways, depend on how badly you need the sale to happen quickly.  


Handle any serious problems

This next step in smart practices to speed up the sale of your home is a bit tricky. Namely, you need to organize a house inspection before you place your home on the market. And then you need to fix anything the inspection flags in your home. We are talking about foundation faults, faulty wiring, mold or water damage, a leaky roof, and similar. Now, chances are your house will not be suffering from most of these. But if the inspection does detect them, it would at best seriously damage the value of your property. So, while it might end up costing you, it is a necessary expense.   


Do smart renovations or remodelling

If you have gone through the necessary repairs, you can start thinking about upgrades. A few minor renovations or remodels, if done correctly, can enhance the value of your property. This, of course, includes prettying up your house by handling things such as backyard hazards, overdue cleaning of rarely used areas. Some people like to fancy up amenities such as a large, comfy bathtub and couple it with bathroom renovations. Some focus on prettying up the façade of their house, perhaps by switching siding. Now, this does come with a caveat. You can only allow yourself to spend extra money on unnecessary renovations if your house had few or no problems to be fixed after the inspection. Otherwise, you run the risk of overspending and losing money even if the sale goes spectacularly well!


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You can try to do some simple renovations yourself!

Properly stage your home  

Staging your home is an involved process. You need to make it appealing for your potential buyers. And yet, you also need to make it impersonal enough to make it easy for them to picture themselves arranging the space to their liking. If you put too much of your own preferences into the staging process, they might not like the way it looks and therefore transfer that dislike to the house as well. What we want is to capitalize on the fact that staging attracts potential buyers. Not turn them away! So, you will be stuck pursuing the perfect sweet spot between interesting and bland enough not to upset their sensibilities. Once again, even if you do not decide to look for more professional help, your realtor will offer quality advice on the subject. They have seen more than enough of such staging to provide constructive criticism.  


Organize virtual tours

Virtual tours are a way to reach out to buyers who cannot make a trip to check out your property. This undoubtedly makes them one of the vital smart practices to speed up the sale of your home! Having a professional service organize the tour for you, however, can be pricy. This is why we recommend you at least try to learn how to do it yourself. The good news is that with the right equipment (which practically everyone has, you just need a good camera on any device!) you can do the tour yourself! Your real estate agent will be able to advise you on some of the finer points of doing it. And you can check out one of our virtual open house tours for tips and tricks, as well.  


A phone-based virtual house tour, inspired by ‘Smart Practices to Speed Up the Sale of Your Home’ 

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You do not need fancy equipment for your tour to be a success!

Final remarks

This marks the end of our guide on smart practices to speed up the sale of your home! We hope you found them helpful and that you are better prepared for the tasks ahead. Just remember: planning is vital. You need to draw up your plans and set your expectations well in advance. And never spend more money on renovations and remodelling than you can earn back! 


 Check out our guide on smart practices to speed up the sale of your home and learn what you need to make the sale a quick success.




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