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Guest Post: Your Room-By-Room Unpacking Guide

Posted by Mani Bagga on Monday, September 27th, 2021 at 2:28pm.


Your Room-By-Room Unpacking Guide

Relocating to another home in scenic Edmonton can be downright exhausting. Once you've moved all the boxes into your new house, you’re not done yet! Unpacking and settling in can take just as much time as the packing process when you moved out of your former home. Staying organized as you unpack can help you complete your task efficiently, with the least stress possible.




Start by putting all the furniture where you'd like it to be. Assemble your bed — then position your dresser, nightstand, and any chairs and chests.


Not sure which furniture configuration is right for your bedroom? Consider the position of the windows and where natural light will enter. Avoid placing your bed in a location where natural light will shine in your eyes when you're waking in the morning.


Once the furniture is arranged, unpack your sheets and bedding, as you'll need this for a comfortable night's sleep. For a relaxing first night in your new home, don't wait until the last minute to complete this step. Have the bedding ready, so you can sleep as soon as you start to feel tired.


Unpack clothes and personal items last. Give yourself ample time to unpack your clothes, so you can choose the most sensible clothing layout and arrangement in your dressers and closet.




In the bathroom, the essentials come first. Items that you use every day such as toilet paper, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste are more important than most items that go in the medicine cabinet and linen closet:


  • Identify any necessary medicines that you take daily. Place them in a prominent position in your medicine cabinet or vanity drawer.

  • Put out hand towels to give everyone in your household a place to wipe their hands after washing.

  • Find at least one pair of towels and a bathmat to make showering easier.


Once you have the essentials unpacked in the bathroom, you can move on to another room that needs your attention more. Revisit the non-essential bathroom items later.


Home Office


Place your home office furniture — such as the desk and cabinets — into the room before unpacking any home office equipment or work tools. If you work from home and need your home office set up to start earning money, this room should be one of your top priorities.


Avoid placing your desk in a position where the sun will shine on your computer screen or get in your eyes while working. Unpack your computer equipment next after setting up your desk and cabinet. Deal with the contents of your desk last.




Unpack some bowls, cups, plates, pots and silverware, so you'll have the basic tools needed to cook a meal. Place major appliances and countertop appliances (such as the microwave, toaster, blender and coffeemaker) next, so the basic layout of your kitchen is fully established.

If you have an eat-in kitchen with a table, set up the table and arrange the chairs around it while you're setting out the countertop appliances.


Once this is done, take your time unpacking all other kitchen tools and accessories. Don't rush this process, as the layout of your kitchen tools could forever impact how your kitchen is used.


Living Room


Set up your living room furniture first. Once the furniture is in place, unpack larger items such as your television, stereo, gaming system and other electronics. Books, home decor and other belongings are among the last objects that you should unpack at home, as these are the least necessary for being comfortable in your new house.


Garage Storage Area


When you're ready to unpack your garage, start by deciding where you’ll store larger items, such as the lawnmower and bikes. You may need to purchase garage organization furniture such as heavy-duty shelving and storage bins. Once the shelving is in place, organize your tools, lawn essentials, sports equipment and other items.


Want more information about unpacking your home? See the accompanying resource to find out how you can unpack stress-free.



Author bio: Cate Riley is Content Strategist Writer at Moving of America. Riley is a journalist and writer for other blogs and YouTube channels. She has adventured throughout the United States looking for the latest scoops in the moving industry.




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