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Nightlife in Edmonton | Edmonton Real Estate Pro | Mani Bagga

Posted by Mani Bagga on Tuesday, November 1st, 2022 at 12:39am.

Nightlife in Edmonton

Edmonton is a happening city. As amusing as its daylights are, the nightlife in the city is even more thrilling! With hundreds of options for everyone - From wild party lovers to calm and composed admirers of art. From pubs and clubs to Art Galleries, here’s everything that you can experience after dinner in Edmonton -

1. Stunning Nightclubs and super-fun bars -

Edmonton is home to stunning nightclubs and super-fun bars. Streets such as Jasper Avenue are famous for their chill bars, where people come to enjoy their evenings as the sun goes down. Almost all the bars have artists performing live music shows to create a fun atmosphere in the place. You can go for the best bars and pubs in town, although the cheaper options are also available in other areas.

2. Sir Wiston Churchill Square -

Sir Winston Churchill Square is Edmonton's centre for arts and cultural events. It also has theatres and malls that we can explore at night. With the beautiful crystal pyramid shining at the city hall, it is quite an attraction and is an excellent spot to click some gram-worthy pictures. When in Sir Winston Churchill Square, you must visit the Citadel Theatre and Art Gallery of Alberta. The city centre also hosts some brain-wrecking chess games at its core. 

3. Victoria IceWay Skating Trail -

Want to spend a night with your loved ones ice-skating under the beautiful colours of a rainbow? Well, IceWay Skating Trail is just the right place for you. This skating rink in Edmonton is the favourite destination for couples who want to spend a romantic night doing something fun. Although it is open during the day, the fun begins at night when it flashes those beautiful rainbow colours into the arena. If you’re someone who’s always wanted to skate while holding your loved one’s hand under a rainbow, head over to the IceWay Skating Trail and fulfil your dream!

4. The Neon Sign Museum -

Filled with vibrant and amusing neon colours glowing throughout the night, the neon sign museum is your perfect place to get groovy photos worth going viral on social media. The museum itself has some of the best neon signs ever made. From small logos to huge boards, you can find every type of neon sign here at this museum.

5. The Starlite Room -

Are you ready to groove on some of the best melodies you’ve ever heard? The Starlite Room has an excellent reputation for providing art in the form of vocals and instruments. With artists covering many genres, such as hip-hop and punk, you can be sure to get the total worth of your time and money here at The Starlite Room.

These were some of the places that enhanced the nightlife here in Edmonton. Know about some more places? We’ll be more than happy to know them!

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