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How to Sell and Buy a House at the Same Time


A house for sale.

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Buying or selling a home can prove to be hard work. Buying and selling at the same time, on the other hand, can be even more complicated. You will need to prepare your home for sale while also looking for a new home. You will have to arm yourself with lots of patience and hope for things to go as planned. However, selling your home the minute you list it and having enough time to find a new one is highly improbable. At least not until you take the correct steps at the right time. As a result, we have created a guide on how to sell and buy a house at the same time to help you achieve your goal. We will take you through all the steps, from preparing your home for sale to

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Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Alberta



A road somewhere in Alberta

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Purchasing a home in sunny Alberta is a step in the right direction for many. There's a lot to look forward to if you're considering making this move. One of the more important decisions you'll have to make is where you'll buy real estate in Alberta. Luckily, there's an abundance of places to choose from. We're here to take a look at some of them and help you realize your dream relocation.



Is Alberta worth investing in?

Alberta's home to more than its fair share of cities with an excellent track record. Buyers love exploring the market and seeing which places suit them and their needs best. Regardless of whether you're purchasing a home for the first time

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What Should You Consider Before Buying a House As-Is


A home with damages from beach erosion.

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For most people, buying a home is the single most significant investment of their lives. It often requires taking out a considerable loan and then spending years, if not decades, paying it off. Therefore, it only makes sense to focus on cost-effectiveness and get the best possible home for the money you have. If you keep this in mind, you will likely come across sellers that sell their homes as-is. But what precisely does this mean? And what should you consider before buying a house as-is? That is what we are here to find out. 



Things to consider before buying a house as-is

Once a seller lists their home as-is, it indicates that they don't want

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Tips for downsizing to a smaller home



Russian dolls, arranged in order of size, symbolizing downsizing to a smaller home

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Upgrade, increase, expand, grow - these are buzzwords that seem to follow us wherever we go. Bigger has become synonymous with better. Until, one day, you realize this might not be the case. Don't get me wrong, sleeping in a king-sized bed beats sleeping on a futon. Still, if your bed is taking up a lot of precious real estate in the bedroom, maybe a smaller one is the way to go? There are plenty of reasons to downsize. Perhaps the stairs mean this is not the perfect home for aging-in-place, or the kids moved out, and nobody needs a giant, empty nest. Whatever the case, here are a few tips for downsizing to a smaller home.  



Time is of the essence

Have you

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Top Ideas for Making Your Home a Happier and Healthier Space


During the past two years, people's lifestyles have changed because of the pandemic. Not only has remote work become the norm for most companies, but families are also often using meal deliveries and streaming entertainment in place of going out. Since this increased time at home means that the atmosphere and condition of your house can impact your quality of life, you should consider these ideas to optimize your living space and turn it into a cheerful and welcoming oasis, presented by The Bagga Team.


Start with Decluttering

Research shows that a decluttered living environment can sharpen your focus and improve your well-being. It's also much easier

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Heritage Valley is a neighbourhood in the southwest of Edmonton that was established in 2001 through Edmonton City Council's adoption of the Heritage Valley Servicing Concept Design Brief. The design brief included planning for 15 separate areas within the neighbourhood, as well as a transit centre. 

The theme of is "Edmontonians of the Century" invoking a sense of the modern city-dweller. 

Find more neighbourhood infographics HERE.


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Inspiring Ideas to Prepare Your Home to Sell

Image Credit: Pixabay


Trying to sell your house can be a long, sometimes arduous process. Redecorating a property you’re leaving can be a bother. You don’t want to break the bank on renovating an old home when you’re likely going to want to decorate your new place too. Luckily, revamping a property to sell can be done on a budget.

From an affordable lick of paint to making the most of ventilation, you can easily add value and glamour to your house to make an excellent first impression on your potential buyers.



Redecorating your house may seem like a big chore, especially when you’re about to leave the property. There is less excitement in renovating a home to sell than

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What You Need to Know About Selling Your Home For Cash


A man paying for something with cash

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It is essentially every seller's dream to sell their home for cash. After all, what could be better than getting a briefcase full of money? But, while it is possible to sell your house this way, it is essential to note that doing so is different from a standard sale. So, let's take a closer look at what selling your home for cash entails.   



How to prepare for the sale

The biggest obstacle to overcome when selling your home for cash is time. You need to know how to speed up the sale of your home, as the buyer is not usually willing to wait. Therefore, it is paramount that you prepare before putting your home up for sale. And that you are ready to

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Another reason to be grateful for 2021

⁣Thank you Matt Jeneroux from the House of Commons for this citation! It was delivered to us by surprise. This honorary acknowledgement belongs to the team, our amazing clients and our trusted partners and vendors! We have one of the most unselfish team to help one another grow & be better than we were yesterday! 2021 hasn't ended yet but the first 3 quarters of it was indeed a time of growth & learning for our team and we all are excited for what’s to come for 2022!


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Can you believe that we’re nearing the end of October and gearing up for the holiday season? It’s also a time when people begin thinking about a move in the new year. So, whether it’s for the holiday season or saving for a down payment on a new home, I thought I’d share a few simple ways to save money.



What does it hurt to ask for something? You might be surprised at how much flexibility a company or service has. So, the next time you’re on the phone with a customer service rep. Ask if you can have a discount.


What? I know. Budgets get all the attention, but when you track your expenses, you’ll know exactly where your money is going, and you can prioritize and make informed

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