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Thursday Tips for Home Buyers: The Purpose Of The Final Walkthrough, A Tip by Sahil Verma

Posted by Mani Bagga on Thursday, December 16th, 2021 at 2:39pm.


After an offer on a home has been made, appraisal completed, inspection done and repairs negotiated, one of the last activities done prior to the actual closing on the home is the final walkthrough. While a final walkthrough is not required it is highly recommended and serves a great purpose both for the home buyer as well as the home seller. In the final walkthrough a homebuyer makes one last tour of the home in order to see the condition the home will be in once the buyer takes possession. If there are major issues found during the final walkthrough then the buyer can refuse to close which means the transfer of ownership will not take place. Usually the closing is put on hold until the issue is taken care or although in the rare occasion a closing can be completely called off if something substantial is discovered during the final walkthrough.


In this episode, Sahil will briefly breakdown why the final walkthrough is an important activity that all buyers should do in order to make sure the home they want to buy is in as good condition as when they saw it prior to making an offer.


Let's all check it out!


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