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Why Listing *Real* Photos Matter | Mani Bagga Realtor

Posted by Mani Bagga on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 at 9:45pm.

Listing photos- Mani Bagga

 It’s 2022, and technological advancements are improving our life daily. House-hunting, for example, has become very easy, and anyone can virtually visit thousands of homes for sale anywhere in the world. However, the most important thing that a potential buyer notices while searching for a home online is the images of the house that the seller has uploaded. And as we say that “The first impression is the last impression,” it is impersive to get the perfect images of your home for the listing sites.

Here’s why you need crisp and clear images to attract prospective buyers -

  1. It Is The First Thing That A Buyer Looks For -

The first thing the buyer comes across while searching for a property is the images. Whenever they come across images, they spend most of their time looking at the first image and concluding whether they will buy the property. So make sure that the first image that you put on the listing is the best image available to you.

  1. Shows Authenticity -

Uploading fine images of your house gives confidence to the buyer about the authenticity of the listing. If the images match the description of the house, it creates a sense of legitimacy with the prospective buyer. Plus points if you also upload some good videos of the house. (If the listing site permits so)

  1. Makes The Listing More Engaging -

Us humans tend to save every second when we can. Therefore, while browsing through properties, most of us only look at properties with engaging images and skip those with none. This makes the listing more exciting, and more people are expected to browse through it, increasing the chances of getting a good offer.

  1. A Professional Photographer Knows What To Do -

If you have a high-end phone with a good camera or a DSLR Camera, you can work things out yourselves. But if you don’t have such equipment and want your property to stand out, you should hire a professional photographer. They know how to showcase the property with the best lighting, the most photogenic corners, and the best time to capture images. Overall, it is worth getting a photographer if you lack the equipment or the vision of how to get things done efficiently.

  1. Your home sells faster and at a better price -

Believe it or not, but with the help of some high-quality images, your home can sell much faster and at a better price than the market. You can get multiple buyers ready to buy the house at the listed price without negotiation or sometimes even at higher prices than the list price! Yes, all of this is possible just by having good high-quality images of your home on the listing.

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