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Jared Burt

Jared Burt

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    About Jared

    Jared oversees all branding & promotional activities to support The Bagga Team’s marketing strategy. He implement the team’s core marketing master plan in developing and strengthening the team brand, driving incoming leads and maintaining the team’s competitive ranking amongst our competition. This includes design, production and distribution of print marketings such as postcards, brochures and magazine insertions.

    In line with the need to keep the brand in front of the target audience, Jared also manages our website maintenance, accountable for SEO ranking, social media contents, video production and ad campaigns.

    He also supervise and guide a group of outsourced professionals to keep our marketing gear moving — like our SEO team, CMS representatives and trusted collateral printers. To top it all, he also serve as an internal marketing & design consultant to all agents within the team.

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