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Discover Millet, Alberta: A Scenic Haven Near Edmonton and the International Airport

Nestled along the iconic Highway 2A, Millet is a picturesque gem just 45 km south of bustling Edmonton and a mere 20 km from the International Airport. This charming town, right beside the historic Pacific Railway (built in 1891), offers a serene escape with easy access from major routes like Calgary Trail and QE2 Highway. Take exit #616/2A from the Leduc overpass towards Wetaskiwin to explore Millet's rich heritage and scenic beauty.

Historic Roots and Community Spirit: Millet's Journey from 1891 to Today

Millet's story began with a humble store by Ben Slaughter and was named after August Millet, a key figure in its early days. Officially attaining village status on June 17, 1903, Millet's history is a tapestry of resilience, overcoming disasters like the major fires of 1902, 1927, 1996, and 1997. These events only strengthened the community's bond, showcasing their dedication to rebuild and thrive.

A Vibrant Town Since 1983: Millet's Growth and Community Development

Declared a town on September 1, 1983, Millet saw a surge in development, electing a Mayor and Councilors, and experiencing steady growth in housing and acreages. This growth reflects Millet's commitment to providing a welcoming and dynamic living environment.

Millet's Scenic Parks and Community Pride: A Jewel in Alberta

Millet is renowned for its 65-acre park system, blending natural landscapes with manicured spaces. The parks, unparalleled in Alberta, and the well-kept downtown area are sources of immense community pride. This commitment extends to homes, businesses, public facilities, and streets, all contributing to a pristine and safe environment.

A Hub of Activities and Cultural Richness: Millet's Diverse Offerings

The town actively hosts educational and recreational programs, supported by numerous groups and organizations. With leisure, sports, and cultural activities for all ages, from preschoolers to seniors, Millet is a hub for community engagement and enjoyment.

Award-Winning Beauty and Community Efforts: Millet in the National Spotlight

Since 1996, Millet has been a proud participant in the National Communities in Bloom Program, earning nationwide acclaim for its beauty, charm, and friendly rural atmosphere. The town's success is a testament to the dedication of its volunteers and the collective efforts of its residents.

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